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Say Hello to My Little Friend
Don Universo is an infinite space shooter, in which you – a lowlife interstellar mobster – extort protection money from other planets. Use the dough to upgrade your ship, to be able to extort more money from bigger, stronger planets. You get where this is going.

It’d Be a Shame If Something Were to Happen to Your Planet
Control your ship with WASD, aim and fire with the mouse. Flying close to a planet enables you to intimate the planet’s government, to which they will likely respond with police force. Damn police, they don’t respect nothin! Eliminate the police to make the planet pay you your well-deserved protection money, and bring it back to your home base. From now on, you can get money from that planet whenever you please. But that’s not enough for you, is it? Mr. Big-Shot! Upgrade your ship to be able to fly further, shoot harder, and take more damage – then, extort more money from bigger governments! Like takin candy from a kid.

Open Source & Non-Profit
We love the idea for this game, and so did our community. Unfortunately, we’re swamped with our other games. So, we decided to make this game open source. Everybody will be welcome to participate in the development, and we’ll oversee what goes into the game, and what doesn’t. As soon as we've made sure the code is humanly readable (it was written in a very limited amount of time), and we don't violate any licenses, a link will be made publicly available.

In case we get through Steam-Greenlight  we’ll donate the entire revenue to charitable causes. Which charity the money goes to? You decide!

Current Status
This game was created within a very short time frame of 48 hours, during a game jam known as Beansjam – so this is far from finished. Also, this is far from what will be published on Steam. The final version will take quite some time. We want to make sure to deliver quality, so we’ll be closely monitoring the open source development process to make sure the final game is immensely fun and worthwhile.

Anything Else?
If you have anything you’d like to add, please do! We appreciate every piece of feedback – whether it be positive or not. But just make sure it’s constructive, yeah? It’d be a shame if your feedback wasn’t constructive. It might so happen, somebody’d be swimmin’ with the fishes soon, eh?

I’m kidding, of course.

Or am I?


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